Prejudice of Palate

My friends, it’s time we confront a great injustice in our midst. We must strive to banish this evil, first in our own hearts and then in the world at large. The battle will be long and thankless, but we must persevere. We must stop… culinary racism.

That’s right. We all have the ethnic foods we like (“Let’s go out for Italian.”), but there are always others that we unnecessarily discriminate against (“Thai? You ask me that again and you’ll be the one who’s gonna Thai!”). The time is now to come together and realize that every culture has some good dishes. I’m not a fan of kimchi, but I love Korean soups. I hate feta cheese, but… well, there’s probably some Greek dish that is palatable to me.

Wait a minute. I can’t stand Mexican food. Okay, let’s forget the whole thing.


Kevin Lloyd said…
Your distaste for Mexican food made my days at the Orem DC a living heck. So don't preach to me about culinary tolerance.
Joel said…
"Living heck" is a funny term, because by softening it from "hell" it loses all emphasis and turns into something I imagine a young Shirley Temple saying.
Kevin Lloyd said…
That was intentional.
trb48 said…
If you say "my friends" one more time, you will get punched in the face.

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