Good Gravy!

I have a hunch that we all consider ourselves pretty normal in most ways. But I also have a feeling that we all eat at least one thing that others would find totally bizarre. Here are a couple culinary confessions of my own:

Cheese and jam sandwiches (it has to be cheddar and grape jelly, though)

Lockhart Surprise—cubed, fried spam (yes, I said spam) in a creamy soup (there was a specific kind we could get in Korea that you can’t find here, but cream of chicken is pretty close) served over rice

Fess up. What weird things do you eat?


ATH79 said…
You are talking to the queen of eating weird. I have a gluten intolerance so it's not weird to see me ordering a double cheese burger and pulling off the bun leaving me eating two hamburger patties with ketchup on them which I'm sure looks crazy to other people sitting by my in the resturant. Or I order me a whole small pizza and just eat all of the toppings. I also eat a lot of rice cakes with tuna on them, which doesn't seem weird to me but my family gives me a lot of ewwwwwwwwwww's.

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