New Neighbors

Yesterday as I went to some morning meetings, I was greeted by an unusual sight:

Sorry for the lousy quality of the picture, but my phone was all I had. And the strange thing was that the deer (they're supposed to be deer, in case you can't tell) didn't really care too much that I was there. Apparently I was not the only one to have sighted these guys recently, either. They've been spotted in the woods behind someone's house, and someone else caught a glimpse of them running down the road in front of their house.

Welcome to the neighborhood, deer. Just make sure to pay your HOA fee on time.


Stephanie said…
I had a similar experience recently. I was coming home from work one day and as I turned the corner onto our street, I was surprised to see a deer in our front yard eating our flowers. I don't think it cared much for me pulling the car into the driveway because it took off prancing toward the park across the street. It did, however, leave some nice hoof-prints in the dirt to remember it by.

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