Two Recent Assaults on My Senses

A white limo with cattle horns attached to the front—I thought those only existed on TV.

A rotten potato in the middle of the bag (And when I say rotten, I mean rotten. The sight and smell of this thing will haunt my nightmares for years to come. I should have taken a picture to share with all of you.)

By the way, thanks to all of you for humoring me yesterday and making me feel important by expressing birthday wishes. I had the best birthday in recent memory.


Jen said…
Is a rotten potato really that bad? I'm not sure i know this smell. Is it just extra yeasty? Maybe i should put out a potato and find out for myself.
Joel said…
You'd probably have to get it wet and put it in a warm bag for a couple weeks. I don't know how to get the fungus to start growing.

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