Signed, Sealed, Delivered

My good friend (and excellent graphic designer) Nathan made me these as a birthday present (my birthday being today, please ensure that all comments contain some sort of outrageous compliment for me). Anyway, they're so cool that I thought I'd post them.

First, the seal of approval:

And then, of course, the seal of disapproval:

You don't want that one, believe me. Someday these will become universally accepted standards of quality.


ATH79 said…
I love it. They made me laugh and laugh. Anyway, Happy Birthday. I bought you a really nice present but I lost it. Yeah, that's it.
Joel said…
For some reason that second one reminds me of the Che Guevara T-shirts college students always wear.
Nathan Mulford said…
It is time for the Joel Hiller Revolution to begin! Starting with a cool T-Shirt that I could put together really quickly.

Viva La Joel Hiller!
Joel said…
Great Idea, Nathan, although I'm not so sure about the "la" part of that last statement.

So that dentist office I complained about a while back also sent me a happy birthday e-mail today. That's not a greeting I particularly relish.
Calee said…
Lizzy said…
Happy Birthday!
Krista said…
You are the Awesomest person ever . . . today. Happy Birthday!
trb48 said…
Ever since you gave me a kidney, saved my dog from a mac truck, and introduced me to my soul mate I have owed you. I guess its time to pay up. Look for a Happy Birthday rock through a window near you.

Happy Birthday Joel.
Jer said…
You look kinda like Stephen Colbert on the second one.

And I acknowledge the anniversary of the day your blood and placenta covered body entered the world.

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