You know those questionnaire things that used to be sent around by email but are now typically posted on blogs? They ask your favorite breakfast cereal is, what you are currently reading, and other similarly detailed questions.

Well, I was wondering what those would look like if species on different planets were viewing each other's blogs. Here are some samples of what I think it would be like.

How many eyes are you using to read this?

How many planets orbit your star?

How many senses do you have?

Do you prefer type I or type II supernovae?

Is your physiology carbon-based, silicon-based, or another element?

How many planets has your species colonized?

Did you like the way the Harry Potter series ended?


Nathan Mulford said…
Which one of you kidnapped Elvis?
Lizzy said…
didn't you hear... Elvis is a brain-damaged vampire. Thus all the sightings. Should never turn someone with a drug overdose.

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