The Race Against Time

There have been a few news articles recently about how running slows the aging process. The articles cite a study of runners conducted over a period of more than 20 years and talks about blah blah a healthier heart, yadda yadda lower death rate, and so on. They’ve reached the right conclusion, but for the wrong reason.

Remember our old friend Einstein? Ever heard of a little thing called the Theory of Relativity? That theory states that time slows at greater speed. So, logically, the more time you spend running, the slower time will pass for you, and therefore the slower you will age. End of story.

(Okay, so this is totally bogus. You have to be approaching the speed of light for this to work, and the earth, solar system, and galaxy are hurtling through the cosmos at great speed anyway. Not to mention the fact that we all spend much more time in cars than running, traveling at a much faster speed. But that still won’t stop someone in Hollywood from making an idiotic movie utilizing this idea.)


Stephanie said…
Well, as long as they pay you for the right to use the idea who cares.
Jen said…
Joel, I'm your blog friend so I'm going to be honest with you:

This post is absolutely ridiculous.
Joel said…
*Gasp* A smiley! I'm telling on you!
Jer said…
*Shoots at Joel's head for coming up with another stupid movie idea, but Joel is saved by running, which speeds his blood flow, increasing the number of white cells and platelets to allow him to heal like Wolverine and basically become immortal*

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