All of you who have blogs out there (using Blogger, anyway), I'm issuing a plea. Please, please, please follow these directions to eliminate a tragic annoyance.
First, go to your Dashboard and select the Settings tab.

Then select the Comments menu.

Then select No in the item referring to word verification.

And life will be a lot easier for those of us who want to comment on your blog. The word verification is a big, fat waste of time unless you get a dozen spambot comments every day. I mean, let's face it. Most of us have something like two regular readers, and all this feature does is make me think "Hmm, what a great post. I'd like to leave a nice comment, except that I hate the word verification! No comment for you!"


Erin Stones said…
I was getting creepy comments from a guy on my blog until I added the word verification part of the comments. That's the reason I have that there- I don't like creepy comments from strange men who've been looking at photos of me and my fam! I hate the verification too, but I hated the comments more!
Joel said…
That's cool if you actually have a reason to do it; I just hate when people do it by default.
Krista said…
I was having the same problem. Since then, I only get creepy posts from people I know.

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