I’m really not much of a goal-oriented person. I usually think there are too many unknown factors in life to be able to plan things far in advance. But there are a number of things I would really like to do before I die. Here are a few of them:

See the Northern Lights

Own a house

Have an office at work

Go deep-sea fishing

Have a novel published

What about you?


Stephanie said…
Have both cars back and functioning fine without other repairs needing to be made or auto-body work needing to be done.
Joel said…
Come now, these are supposed to be realistic.
Jen said…
1. live in a foreign land, perhaps among an African tribe.

2. play chess in the park with a stranger.

3. act in a movie. Wait a minute, I've DONE that!! Ok, i want to have a prominent role, not that "waitress" wasn't super cool because it was.

4. participate in a rowing team.

5. Write out some music and have it be performed without me having to participate in the performance.

6. Get my children's book published.
Jen said…
is that word (the title) 'gool'?
Joel said…
No, no. It's what they yell in Spanish-speaking countries when someone score a goal in a soccer game.
Nathan Mulford said…
1. Learn to play the Gitar

2. See Havasu Falls

3. Go To Europe

4. Punch Micky Mouse in the Face!
Jer said…
1. Get married
2. Own a house
3. Be debt-free (I know, 1 and 2 negate that)
4. have a goal list published on someone's blog
Joel said…
Well, Jer, you can scratch off #4 right now. Doesn't that make you feel better?

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