Boring Political Post

A lot of people have been watching the televised debated between the candidates for president and vice president. Sometimes I feel guilty for not watching and seeking to educate myself more about the candidates, but then I realized something: There is no correlation between what a candidate says before election and what he or she will actually do in office. In fact, we should probably elect the loser of the debates, because that person is obviously not skilled enough at lying, which would make their administration a little more transparent. Either that, or we should force them to take lie detector tests.


I couldn't agree with you more.
trb48 said…
True dat!

The thing that presidential candidates forget is that they don't create laws, they just sign or veto them.
Lizzy said…
What does it all really matter anymore anyways?! Seriously, remember when we were all kids and told that anyone could grow up to be president? What a big fat freaking lie that was. You have to buy your way into office. And they wonder why the public has lost respect for the office.

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