please enjoy the music while your party is reached

Do you know anyone with a cell phone that gives you the message “please enjoy the music while your party is reached” (and then proceeds to play a song) when you call it? I really, really hate that. Not only is it unlikely that the two of us share identical musical taste, but telephones don’t transmit the full range of the human voice (let alone hearing), so all you get is crappy, staticky mess. If it’s designed to keep people from wanting to talk to you, then my kudos go to whoever came up with the idea, because every time I get that message, I am sorely tempted to hang up and never call again.

I guess I get extra cranky when I'm tired.


Nathan Mulford said…
I hate those stupid music ring back tones. In fact I hate those people who are too obsessed with their cell phones. I can tolerate a little of it. But I think you have gone too far when you have purchased a rhinestone case for your phone that attaches to your pants. That's too far.
Turbo said…
When you're tired, when you're awake . . . same thing.
Brooke said…
Gak, I hate that too. And, I second Nathan's comment. Listen folks, it's a phone, not your first-born child.
Joel said…
The funny thing is that it's not like you call your own phone, so you never even get to hear the song.
Denise Chenel said…
I just typed in Google - please enjoy the see if I can skip listening to someone's bad music. I'll need to add this to the "no smoking" and other obnoxious things that people do to annoy me.
Kaitlyn said…
So when I was 17 I had "Livin on a Prayer" as a ringback tone for about 6 months. I now have voicemails saved forever of my friends singing it.

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