Dangerous Habit

I have a dangerous habit that, to quote Count Rugen, is going to get me into trouble someday. When I see someone who is driving like a complete idiot, I will position myself so as to keep them from doing whatever stupid thing they’re trying to do, like zoom around me only to make an immediate turn, or tailgate someone else. What I always fail to consider at the time is that their driving pattern may be indicative of mental instability, and one of these days someone’s going to pull a gun on me.

What dangerous habits do you have? Standing on a rolling chair to hang a picture? Eating meat that’s been out of the fridge for days?


Erin Stones said…
My husband has that same dangerous habit. He doesn't worry about the gun thing though. I know this because every time I am in the car with him I say, "What if they have a gun, you crazy!" He just shrugs me off and continues to get in their way! So... if we ever make front page news, you can tell everyone that I tried to prevent this from happening!
Stephanie said…
I also have the exact same dangerous habit. I do occasionally think about them pulling a gun on me, but I figure I would be taking one for the team. It's like my personal mission in life to stop people from doing idiotic things on the road.
I don't stand on the rolling chair. I stand on the folding chair. Very stupid. I always step the wrong way and end up seriously banging up my legs and pulling things down as I go tumbling. I'm serious.
Lizzy said…
So I kind of do that. But I will just block people from passing me illegally (ie emergency lane) when traffic is backed up. But I'm not just a good person. I'm usually just thinking 'If I gotta wait, so do you!' But with the chair thing... I am forever climbing up on desks, stools, and whatever else is handy to change light light bulbs, hang things, dust corners, what have you, only to realize after I'm up that I'm terribly afraid of heights and can't get down without help.

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