A Story

Once upon a time, my wife had a cell phone.

Eventually, the phone stopped working.

So I decided to get her a new phone (and one for me, too).

Phones are expensive.

But Verizon Wireless lets you upgrade every two years for free.

So I ordered her a phone on their website, but it didn’t work.

So I called and placed the order with a friendly customer service agent.

Then I found out that they were sending the order to the wrong address (which I had double-checked when I sent the order).

After 7 emails and a 40-minute phone call, they are sending the phones by overnight shipping, at no charge.

The end.


ATH79 said…
You should write children's books. Loved the happy/sad faces. haha
Why is it always so complicated when it comes to cell phones?
Jer said…
The sprinkles contain sodium benzoate. (that's bad)

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