My Own Personal Ice Age

Whoever built the building I work in was apparently—hmm, how can I put this delicately?—a steaming pile of monkey droppings, at least when it came to the HVAC system. We have been having temperature problems all year, and the company has been trying to get it fixed for months.

I have 4 a/c vents in the vicinity of my cubicle (and none in the rest of the room), and this week they’re all working overtime. It will be frigid for an hour, then they’ll turn off for 20 minutes, then they’ll turn back on again. My theory is that there is a group of biologists, climatologists, and anthropologists studying my reaction to the constant warming/cooling cycle. I hope they’re able to learn something useful.


Jen said…
that is funny. when i go to my parents' house, they apparently like to pretend they are eskimos and see how close they can get their house to feel like an igloo. And they have this mega A/C system. So to fight it i go around and put pillows over all the vents until someone catches me. But the only reason why they can catch me is because the feeling has finally come back to their arms and legs...
I like the tags for your blog "paranoid delusions." Ha ha.

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