Collision Course

I’ve never been particularly athletic, but this summer I started running on a reasonably consistent basis. As the summer has worn on, I have developed a sneaking suspicion that cyclists and runners don’t get along. I imagine the cyclists are thinking “Out of the way, slow-poke! Get yourself some wheels and travel like a civilized person!” And, in response, the runners are thinking “I don’t need some stinking bike that costs as much as a car to get my exercise! Nice helmet, poindexter!”

Am I imagining things again?


The Kyles said…
as a runner and a cyclist, the only time I get annoyed at the group doing the opposite thing I'm doing is when they're are a group of them and they don't respect your right to the road too. Most of the time though runners and bikers like different stretches of road so there hasn't been a problem. On the biker side, road bikers are EXTREMELY polite to other bikers, if you are ever stopped for any reason, 99% of the bikers that go by will slow down and ask if you need anything or if you are ok. so go pick on someone with your own equipment, leave us cyclists alone... :)
Krista said…
You people out on the road are brave. I cycle or run in a gym. That way I don't have to worry about other people or cars. I get to listen to loud music and have a fan blowing on me. No bugs, no flat tires, and just a monthly fee for this luxury.
Joel said…
I'm sure I've mentioned before that I don't believe in paying for what I can do for free on my own. To swim, you need a specific place to do it, but for cycling, running, or most varieties of strength training, you can do the same stuff at home.
Jen said…
All of these problems could be avoided simply by doing what i do: live a sedentary life.
Baby Jason and I walk laps at the park while Garrett and Caiti run loose(there's a fence all around the park)...of course all the other kids running loose think I'm annoying getting in their way with my stroller.

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