Mud Flap, Baby Mud Flap

There are a number of narrow streets in my neighborhood. On the street I mentioned in that other post, there is a house. This house was rented by a wonderful family who, after being robbed 4 times in two years, decided it was time to find someplace else. The house is now occupied by a number of people who may or may not be related in some way. All I know is that they have 5 nearly identical, enormous, lifted trucks. They look like this:

They also have a couple of cars in addition to those trucks, and sometimes there are 6 trucks. So at any time, at least three vehicles are parked on the narrow street with the concrete barriers on the other side. It's not wide enough for two cars to go by simultaneously. I predict that this winter at least one of those trucks will be hit by someone sliding on the ice.


ATH79 said…
Is this a prediction of yours or a wish?
Joel said…
It's not really a wish, for two reasons: 1) The car hitting the truck would take a lot of damage, because the trucks are lifted enough that they'd hardly be scratched; and 2) The people there seem pretty nice.
ATH79 said…
I see, I thought maybe you were secretly hoping to get some of the cars off the road.
Nathan Mulford said…
I think that this is a disease, kind of like those people who horde all of those cats.

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