Happy Strike-Day

Last Friday was Sam's third birthday. Now that he's finally getting old enough to understand what that is, we decided to actually go out and do something. He loves bowling on the Wii, so we thought he'd enjoy bowling for real.
He was pretty intimidated at first, but once he got the hang of it we couldn't keep him out of the lane (and the older "serious bowler" gentleman next to us was none too pleased).

I need to start carrying a real camera around for these things.


Erin Stones said…
Our older (well, 2 year old)daughter absolutely loves bowling too!
That looks like a lot of fun. Regarding the older gentleman in the lane next to you, take some advice from me. Who cares!!!! Your kid is way more important than some guy. (This is coming from the mother of 2 autistic children who get stared at and glared at all the time).
Jen said…
Bowling is always more fun with children. It's kind of a silly game anyway and also, playing with them, I can finally give someone some competition...maybe.
Joel said…
The funny thing is that I hadn't been bowling in at least 4 years, and I started off really really bad. But in the end I beat the three-year-old.

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