Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee

So the other day my friend Jer gave me one of the two or three best gifts I’ve ever been given (okay, it was partially in payment for doing some work, but it was far and away beyond what I should have received). So that begs the question: What is the best gift you have ever received? I love seeing the subjective value of gifts, so I’m hoping some of you say something like “a new car” and others say “a dried flower.”


Erin Stones said…
The best gift I ever received was the first (and so far only) night that both my girls slept through the night. Who knew sleep was so precious? My husband even got up and made me breakfast the next morning- loved it!
Jen said…
Yes, this is difficult, because I've received some great gifts in my life, things that delighted me, and things that were sentimental and very touching. So right now, I'll choose one that is both:

I told my mother one fall that for Christmas I wanted a pet snake, really really bad. I love snakes. They are cool. Of course, she laughed it off as she does to most things I say (and should).

Fast forward to Christmas morning when I enter the living room and see an 8-foot long fuzzy snake she made for me out of animal print fabric, with a red tongue and a button eye. I heart you, Snakey McSlithers.

(p.s. i was 22. I am not ashamed)
Nathan Mulford said…
Well If I had to say what the best gift ever was I would have to say something cheezy like my daughter and I am sure that your readers aren't quite ready for that. So I will just go with the this one.

Stephanie and I got into some kind of disagreement about something or another I honestly can't remember. So we weren't talking to each other for a while and then one day I go to check the mail and there is an envelope from some ticket place and I opened it up and it was Fountains Of Wayne tickets.

And when Stephanie got home she said it was a make up present. It was a great present and a great concert.
Turbo said…
So . . . what did he give you? Then maybe I'll answer the question.
ATH79 said…
First my kids but also, last Christmas my husband totally had me convinced that he spent hundreds of dollars on jewelry for me that he bought on ebay. If you know anything about me you know that is the last thing I want or need. Anyway, so Christmas day comes and he gives me the ugly looking earring and necalace set. I tried to be nice and said thanks and everything, but was so upset that he would spend that kind of money on that. After we opened all the presents we went down to my parents and while we were there he said he had one last gift for me. I opened it up and it was a Wii with all the controllers and some games. I was so excited! I also had to hit him a couple times for tricking me. He told me the jewelry I was wearing he bought at Wal-Mart for $20. He has never suprised me like that before.

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