Sam likes to play ping pong. The problem is that he can barely see over the table, and as a child of not quite three years, he still needs to develop some hand-eye coordination. He typically chases the ball along the ground, smacking it with the paddle. So he usually destroys a ball every time we play. In order to avoid that, I thought it might be nice to suspend a ping pong ball from a string and let him go at it, which would keep him from running out into the street after it and also help him learn some coordination.

This was after he smacked me in the groin with the ping pong paddle to express his impatience (it took forever to figure out how to get the ball so it wouldn't fly out of its little harness when he hit it).


Nathan Mulford said…
This reminds me of my 17th birthday, when my mother got me a ping pong ball that dangled from a string. It took some practice but now I am a pro at hitting things that dangle from strings. Keep up the good work Sam!
Calee said…
That is hilarious! Mom, Kimball, and I couldn't stop laughing. That is great.
ATH79 said…
Ahhhh, the things we do to entertain our children.
Erin Stones said…
What a good daddy you are!

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