The Most Useless Things I Ever Learned

How to use the card catalog at the library

The Spanish Armada sailed in 1588

How to tie a bowline knot

Base 6 math

The use of a pogo stick

Can you top those?


Jen said…
You actually learned how to use the card catalog? I always pretended that I did but it shall forever remain a mystery.

I can't really think of anything I know that is useless. Because it is my hope that one day, one day it will show up on Jeopardy, at the very least.
The Kyles said…
how to mix fruit into jello
how lobsters find a mate
Jenn Hansen said…
Come on, knowing when the Spanish Armada sailed is very useful information and will serve you well for years to come! :)
Joel said…
Welcome, Jenn! The blog can always use another truly sarcastic voice.

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