Gnat Terrors

When it comes to running/cycling/whatever you do to get exercise outdoors, you can choose between several annoyances. If you exercise outside, you can pretty much choose between heat stroke and swallowing copious amounts of insects.
If you go in the heat of the day, the bugs are sensibly taking shelter somewhere, so you are free to gasp for air without fear of mosquito bites in your esophagus. But you run the risk of losing more body weight through sweat than you actually possess.
For those who prefer to exercise in the morning or evening, the temperature is pleasant, but you probably actually gain weight from the truckloads of bugs you will inevitably swallow and/or inhale. After running in the evening, I often have to pick gnats out of my hair, and I might spit out one or two a couple hours later.
So here's my solution:

The bonus is that those roving bands of rebellious fencers will choose an easier target to attack.


The Kyles said…
And I do hate those roving bands of fencers...
Joel said…
I should have said "roving gangs of rogue fencers." That would have been funnier.

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