Well, I don't usually post when I'm on vacation, but I guess I'll post a couple pics of us in Zion National Park on Saturday. Thanks for being quick with the camera, Calee, even though it was a bit creepy that you took most of these pictures without our knowledge.

I don't know what happened to this one, but I'm too lazy to crop it.

Sam was thrilled that we let him walk on the sand in bare feet.

"I want to be by the water, but not in the water...
I can't get the captions where I want them. Deal with it; I'm on vacation.


ATH79 said…
You son is so cute! Vacation pics are always fun. Oh, and I almost pull my hair out trying to get the captions in the right place too. It would be so much easier if what you saw when you were posting was how it came out.
Jen said…
That's a cute family you have. I'm glad to see what your wife looks like.
Joel said…
...and that she's not fictional.

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