I had an onion tied to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, you couldn't get white onions because of the war; all you could get...

Do you ever get stuck in a conversation that you can’t get out of? I’m not talking about those times when you have to be somewhere else or there’s a rational need to leave, but rather those times when, with every word the other person utters (it’s typically just a two-person conversation), your brain threatens to escape your body and make a break for it. All you can do is try to play some old TV theme songs in your head, or maybe design circuits if you’re the engineering type, all the while searching for an opportunity to escape.

Now I’m boring myself just thinking about those situations.


Nathan Mulford said…
I have to admit, that there have been times when we have had conversations and my lips were moving. Or I was typing or whatever outwardly but inwardly I was thinking

"you don't win friends with salad"

"you don't win friends with salad"

"you don't win friends with salad"

"you don't win friends with salad"

"you don't win friends with salad"
Joel said…
Let the healing begin.
Jen said…
Why would you want to escape from a conversation about onions tied to belts? Sounds interesting to me & like a good opportunity to talk to a crazy person.
trb48 said…
I often find myself in said conversations but for some reason I keep the conversation going. The other person will be talking and I will be thinking "How can I get out?" Then they finish and I add something to the conversation which causes my nemisis to continue talking!
Brooke said…
No, never had one. Especially at work.
The Kyles said…
I agree with Brooke, there has never been a time (especially at work) where I have asked a question and then the rest of the conversation consisted of me slowly backing away until I was out of earshot because I new I would never get away otherwise. There have also never been times when I've wanted to hit my head against a wall to just "make it stop". Nope, not ever.

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