With thoughts of peace and courage for you

There have been a number of people at work who have lost loved ones recently, and it’s of course a common custom to pass around a sympathy card. I wholeheartedly support the idea, because sometimes it helps to know that people are aware of the pain you’re feeling.

What I don’t like, however, is that everyone writes the same thing in these cards. Then again, there don’t seem to be a lot of options. Sometimes I am passed the card for signing and half a dozen people have already written “our thoughts and prayers are with you.” That’s a lovely sentiment, and I suppose if we all have the same sympathy there’s no harm in expressing it with the same words. But it becomes trite when we don’t even attempt an original sentiment. With the power of the internet, it only takes a few seconds to find a nice little quote or even a list of appropriate sayings.

If that’s too much work, just buy the card yourself so you can have dibs on the “thoughts and prayers” thing.


Nathan Mulford said…
I like to just write " Im' thinking about you" which I think is really creepy. This tactic helps because it takes your mind off of the pain, and replaces it with awkwardness instead.

The only problem with this is that after the pain is gone the awkwardness remains.
Joel said…
Ah, Nathan. You always had that certain je ne sais quois in social situations.
Jen said…
Ah yes. The canned messages of condolences. You might as well just buy a card, write your name, and draw an arrow to the message inside.
Joel said…
That's an awesome time-saver! I think I'll try that next time. Either that or "I echo the sentiments expressed by this card."
Jen said…
When signing group cards, like for birthdays back in the day, my brother used to just copy the message, word for word. It was funny and I'd wished i'd thought of it. Drat.

I like "I echo..." too.

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