Can you believe this is post #400?

What do the following three paragraphs have in common?

Last night I noticed that a neighbor had planted one of those tiny pine-tree-like shrubs, and it brought to mind a question I have had for a long time: Why would anybody want a pine tree in their yard? The needles stand ready to stab you if you get too close, you can't climb them, and their shape prevents them from providing useful shade.

I had a great idea for a restaurant. It would be a Western-themed restaurant, and it would be kind of like the Training Table, except you order your food using a telegraph at your table (the menu would give you the Morse code for your meal). Then it would be sent out to your table on a little train. Wouldn't that be an awesome place to eat?

And, finally, last night I started having this really interesting dream. It was just like a movie, complete with a narrator. There was this girl who was dating a guy, and she had a necklace she always wore when she wasn't around him, but she took it off when they were together. I think she was cheating on him, but I was awakened after only a couple of minutes and never got to find out exactly what was going on. They both spoke with British accents, and they were black. I only mention their ethnicity because it made me realize that I almost always dream about white people (except for dreams about being back in Korea). Whether this is just because I'm about as pasty white as they come, because I grew up in a very white neighborhood, or because I'm subconsciously a bigot, I have no idea. But it was nice to get a little variety in my dreams.

Okay, these things have nothing in common other than the fact that I was thinking about all of them this morning, and I didn't feel like giving each thought its own post. I'm economizing and passing the savings on to you!

[Update: Nathan and I were talking and fleshed out the restaurant idea a little more, as explained here.]

[Update to update: I guess the train thing has already been done, but my idea would be aboue a million times cooler. Plus there's the Paul Bunyan/telegraph thing.]


Lizzy said…
I always thought it would be cool to open a restaurant named "I don't know where do you want to go?" and have the dishes named things like "what are you having." A great place to take all the indecisive people in your life. You ask them "Where do you want to go?" They say "I don't know where do you want to go?" You say "okay let's go." You get there and ask the waiter "what's good?" and they say "excellent choice" and walk off.
Nathan Mulford said…
I am going to venture and try and tie these thoughts together. Canada. First of all pine trees. Canada's got them. Crazy themed restaurants. Well what would be better than housing your telegraph themed restaurant in a giant Paul Bunyan. And he didn't he end up in Canada after he did all those cool things in America. Finally there are a lot of Black people in Canada, and if you deny it then your are calling Canada a racist country. Do you want to do that. If you do then maybe your are canadianist.
Jer said…
Working in technology, I can tell you the number one cost to business: Stupid user error.

Here, I refer to the morse code part of the restaurant idea: dit dit dit da... "Dang! I didn't mean that!" dit dit da da da.. "shoot!" ... and he ends up owing $750 for a cheeseburger because he accidentally ordered 57 meals.

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