Cleanliness Is next to Impossible

I think it would be fair to say that I’m a reasonably clean person in most respects. I don’t throw my clothes on the floor, I try to do my dishes (unless there’s already a pile in the sink—then I give up and just add to it), and I do my best to keep my fingernails clean.

For some reason, though, I can never keep a desk clean. It seems so harmless to just set a paper on my desk, but before I know it, it has somehow multiplied until it looks like I cut down the Amazon just to have an excuse to use my paperweight of the Lincoln Memorial that I got when I was eight.

I wonder if we all have one or two ways in which we struggle to be clean. I’ve seen bedrooms where the color of the carpet has long ago vanished into the realm of quantum uncertainty, and nobody dares look, lest by ascertaining the color it becomes an ugly one. Some people just can’t seem to look like they’ve bathed within the last week, even fresh from the shower.

Am I right about this? What do you have trouble keeping clean or organized (and I don't want you to say "thoughts")?


Jen said…
it is physically impossible for me to hang my clothes back up if i've taken them off hangers. I can't do it, and they all get piled on the bed. Then at night i curse at the torturous task of hanging it all back up.

I would be easily tempted to just shove the clothes to one side if i didn't have a bedmate. but c'mon.. the pile could serve as another pillow....
Jar said…
Regardless of where I happen to be living, there is a corner of my room that gets the unofficial designation of "The Pile". Old papers, boxes, tools, all end up in The Pile. Every six weeks or so, I'll clean it all up, but it just happens again.
Brooke said…
My house is pretty clean/organized, but I do let my closet get messy as all get out. I figure I need one space where I can just dump stuff.

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