The Pace of Life

I’m a fast walker. It’s true. I admit it. It all started in junior high school when I suddenly had to make it to several different classrooms every day with only five minutes in between and oh I bumped into that guy and almost dropped my trapper-keeper!

The problem didn’t get any better in high school. Now I was in a bigger school with more students. I did become skilled at moving through a crowd (here’s where being rail-thin paid off), but I retained the fast walk. In college the distances grew even greater, and despite a longer break between classes, there was little opportunity to slow down.

So now when my wife and I go to the store, I feel compelled to get from the car to the store as fast as possible, as if I’m hurrying to a bomb shelter before the Luftwaffe arrives. Meanwhile, my wife is walking at a normal pace, probably even a little slower to avoid being seen with me.

If I go to the mall by myself, I move at least three times as fast as anybody else in the place. I know what store or stores I’m going to, so there’s no point in wasting time in transit. It’s as if everyone else is moving in slow motion.

Is this simply a case of efficiency, or is it a problem? Should I be forced to wear weights around my ankles to slow me down? I just want to be normal…


nathan said…
I have the opposite problem I have slowed down over the years. Not because I am a slow person but because I have to carry all this crap around with me. For example I had to carry 5 paintings, a portfolio a tool box and a back pack. Since I am so cheap I have to walk 50 miles from my car. So now I am slow, and your fast. Maybe you could carry some of my stuff and then that would slow you down a bit.
Jar said…
I'm the same as you, Joel. I'm there to get something done, and I want to be in and out and holycrapwillyoupeopleatleastgetoutofthewayif you'regoingtowalksoslowly!!

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