Take It Like a Man

There’s a part in the movie Night at the Museum which I particularly enjoy. Ben Stiller’s character is about to have his head rammed with a model train, which he really doesn’t want to happen. Owen Wilson’s character says something to the effect of “Quit whining, and take it like a man!”

As silly as this may seem, I think it’s good advice to apply to life in general. We are so obsessed with making people pay for mistakes that we are becoming less and less willing to “just deal with it.” For example, if I order a meal in a restaurant and don’t like it, it’s not necessarily the restaurant’s fault. It’s my fault for ordering the Grilled Dog Poo in the first place (thanks, Johnny).

We need to accept that sometimes things just won’t go our way. Occasionally we purchase an article of clothing that falls apart within a few weeks, or a gallon of milk that’s sour. These things happen. Take it like a man.

I’m not saying we should never ask others to take responsibility for their actions. I got my car back from the shop, and I think they accidentally broke something while they had it. You better believe I’m going to try to get them to fix it for free. But if my package of Girl Scout cookies is short one tagalong, I’m not going to take them to court over it.

Get over it.


Brooke said…
Boy, the world sure would be a better place if some folk just chilled out. Move on, people. It's not the end of the world.

So, Joel, stop whining about me using your pen. Just take it like a man.

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