There's the truth.... and THE TRUTH!

This morning I got to wondering what it would be like if everyone in the world suddenly became completely honest in every way. I imagine that international issues would be resolved more easily.

U.N. Nuclear Inspector: “So, where are your materials for making nuclear weapons?”

Kim Jong Il: “Right through here. Watch your step—the doorway is a bit low. Oh, and we put poison in your water. You’ve probably got 5 or 6 minutes to live.”

Politics would be a little more straightforward:

"Vote for me! I promise to forget all of you the moment I’m elected and dedicate myself to indulging in every kind of personal excess. Oh, and by the way, I inhaled and I liked it!”

Advertising would sure be interesting:

"Buy Superslim Pills! They don't work, but we've got families to feed!"

It’s on the level of personal relationships that we would truly suffer (I’m sure you could see this coming):

“Honey, does this make me look fat?”

“It sure does. But it’s certainly better than what you usually wear.”

As you can see, we would all have to learn to take criticism and be more humble in general. Otherwise, we would probably be reduced to communicating with electronic devices instead of people.

Wait a second…


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