I Work in a Button Factory...

Do you ever look at strangers and wonder what they are really like? I think we all tend to look at people we don't know and assume they are just another grain of sand on the beach of life, without anything unique about them. For example, I recently met a man who, it turns out, is a nationally-ranked pole-vaulter. Talk about something you wouldn’t expect. It’s these unexpected things that give us individuality. Here are a few things about me that you may or may not know.

I like cheese and jam sandwiches.

I have the amazing ability to wear size 10, 10 ½, or 11 shoes.

By concentrating, I can produce a strange, tickling sensation inside my body. I really want to know the physiological explanation of this.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I were rich, I would become a real jerk (or at least more so).

I secretly aspire to be a James-Bond-movie-style criminal mastermind.

Now it’s your turn. What things do people generally not know about you that make you interesting?


Jar said…
I can whistle four different ways. (teeth, tongue, lips, cheeks)

My knees lock if I kneel, and I can't unbend them without extreme pain.

I like to mix Dr Pepper and Orange Juice.

I have an OCD thing where I have to cut my cuticles off with my pocket knife.
Jar said…
One more: I forget that I'm fat sometimes and it surprises me when I see myself in a mirror.
trb48 said…
Joel, you disgust me.

I like to know really random facts about strange things.

I reinstall windows more than any other person on the planet

I always exaggerate

When I do things I will go all the way or not do it.
Jen said…
what makes me interesting? My air of mystery, and thus, i cannot say.

nah, just kiddin'.

People are often surprised by my love of Star Trek and Sci-fi in general. The love runs deep and I am not ashamed.

I can sing "row row row your boat" backwards.. completely backwards.

ummm... is that all i can come up with? wow, i'm a little boring.

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