Quilt While You're Ahead

In my neighborhood there’s a quilting store. In fact, there are two, across the street from each other. Every time I pass by, there are women between the ages of 40 and 70 getting into or out of cars there, meandering across the street ignoring oncoming traffic. There’s a certain “look” that all these quilting women seem to have.

At this point I should emphasize that I have no objection to the hobby of quilting. I have a few quilts and blankets made by relatives, and they can be great gifts. The thing that bothers me is that somehow I have the impression that this is what these women do with their lives. From sunup to sundown they are hunched over quilting frames, feverishly trying to outdo “that hussy down the street who doesn’t even tie the right kind of knots but gets all the attention with her flashy designs.” As I drive by it’s difficult to resist the temptation to yell something like “Why don’t you contribute something meaningful to society, instead of wasting all your time and money on quilting?!” I recognize the irrationality of this, but that’s how I feel.

Do you have any irrational issues with anger?


Jar said…
Are you kidding??? I'm not even going to answer this one.

...except to say that people used to yell things like that at me from their cars when I was a missionary, so...
nathan said…
Well if you don't think that quilts benefit society then you are just don't get it.
Quilts keep people warm and that makes them nicer and that is a good thing. You ought to be ashamed young man. You should be walking those old ladies across the street and not wasting your time on this higldy pigldy blog of yours. Why when I was your age... Hold on I think I am getting a call from something called an Optimus Prime...Well This is more important that lecturing you about your evil internet and rock and roll and what not. But be sure of this I will be calling your mother!!!

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