I Canna Do It!

It’s very romantic to dream about nothing being impossible. While that may be true, in the sense that, logically, nothing can be proven to be mathematically impossible (so I guess only impossibility is impossible… but then it’s not… but then it is…I think I just broke my brain), there are some things which have such an infinitesimally small probability that we could pretty much say they are impossible. Here are a few things that I consider impossible:

Getting a toothpaste stain out of a tie.

Microsoft Word actually formatting a document the way you want

Looking as attractive or as unattractive as you think you look

Ordering a pizza that will satisfy everyone’s tastes (The difficulty increases exponentially with each person involved.)

Finding good-tasting food that’s nutritious (If you claim that you enjoy bran muffins and Brussels sprouts, you’re either deluding yourself or you’re adding unhealthy things to make them palatable.)

So what do you think is impossible?


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