Hair Today...

Sorry about the lame title. It was an homage to all those Bugs Bunny cartoons which used the word “hare” in them (which was about 85% of the cartoons in which he appeared).

Anyway, those of you who know me are probably aware that I usually go too long between haircuts. I’m currently at that point where the hair starting to take on a mind of its own and become totally unmanageable. And my sideburns are starting to look like those of the man for whom the term was coined:

Any yet I always put off getting a haircut, for reasons which are unknown to me. Let’s consider the possibilities.

1. I know my hair is only going to last so long. I’m tempted to take pictures of my hairline to see how fast it’s receding. So I want to cherish every last moment with it, and getting it cut is symbolic of losing it.

2. I got a bad haircut once, when I was about 12, and the trauma has stayed with me despite the overwhelming odds that it will be a good cut.

3. I hate spending $15 or $20 that I feel could be better used elsewhere, such as on the purchase of a funny hat or half a dozen bags of Doritos.

So how can I overcome this irrational fear?


Jar said…
Hey, it could be worse. You could be someone who is quite experienced at cutting hair, but people don't trust you because you're bald. I have no idea what that has to do with it, but there you have it.
trb48 said…
I think that you should "cut" to the chase. Just shave it all off. What do you have to loose?
Joel said…
I'm pretty sure my wife would kick me out if I shaved my head. I suspect she married me mainly for my golden tresses.
Jen said…
I think if my husband shaved his head, then that would be a good excuse for me to do it too.. i've kind of always wanted to.
nathan said…
How about a nice weave. Then you could put it in a pony tail and look like a graduate student. You could also decorate it with cool stuff like bells and seasonal ornaments. Just imagine a bunch of shamrocks hanging from you long locks on St. Patrick's Day.

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