Your Head... Smells Like a Smoothie

Have you seen any commercials lately for hair products? They seem less like shampoo commercials and more like advertisements for Dole. The claim is that by “infusing” their products with “natural essences” it will help your hair be shiny and, presumably, ready to munch on before the main course.

Why does anybody think that your hair needs vitamins? Vitamins nourish your body when they are absorbed through your digestive system. Your hair is not alive. That’s why it doesn’t hurt when you cut it. You might as well pour milk on a skeleton, hoping it will keep the bones strong.

Frankly, I’d rather trust unpronounceable chemicals to keep my hair clean. At least they’ve been developed and tested in some lab. Let’s not shop for hair products at Jamba Juice.


Jen said…
joel, normally i'd totally agree. It's nice to know i'm using something that actually makes me clean. Except when it comes to my hair. i have to have a shampoo that smells good, otherwise i'm retching all day at my vomit-scent hair that i can't do anything about and it makes me ill.
Joel said…
Jen, you make a good point. I do like nice-smelling hair, as long as we don't pretend that turning your scalp into an ode to Carmen Miranda will actually make your hair healthier.
Kevin said…
In a somewhat related note, at bath and body works you can now buy lotion that comes in the scent of pumpkin or cherry pie as well as cinnamon bun. Now I love pumpkin pie and a good Cinnabon as much(or probably more) than the next guy, but I really don't want to smell like one. I guess it is sort of telling that they were on sale for like 75% off, but still, what were they thinking? Next thing you know it will be mashed potatoes and gravy. We have to stop the madness!

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