Take the Plunge and Fall

There’s no doubt that fall is a beautiful season. The moon is beautiful too, but that doesn’t mean I ever want to live there. The problem with fall is that when I leave the house in the morning I have to wear a jacket and scrape the frost from my windshield. Then, at the end of the day, it’s warm enough out that my car interior could be used as a slow cooker. Since I have no desire for a daily vehicle-prepared pot roast, I find the swing in temperatures uncomfortable.

Fall is the ultimate indecisive season. It can’t decide if it’s trying to be summer or winter. Now, I don’t mind the summer lingering (sorry, Jen, but 80 degrees is still preferable to 20 degrees); the problem is the wild swing in temperatures, which a less enlightened guy might liken to female mood swings. So we might as well launch ourselves headlong into the dark, dreary winter. Let’s go, already! Get it over with—rip off that bandage in one swift motion!


Jen said…
wow, is that a shout-out to me? :)

I can see what you're saying. I wonder if that's a Utah/dry climate thing. Utah weather is all over the place and the unseasonable cold always irked me.

But, i live in humid land and when you sweat every time you go out all..summer..long, then it's time for the cool.

I think i kind of like the indecisiveness of fall because either way, it isn't too harsh. One day a little bit cooler, (and not the pure Evil that winter is), another day, slightly warmer. oh, ok. not such a heavy jacket today. So I can deal with that. Plus, again, anything to hold off the winter.

the end.
Kevin said…
If you lived in Arizona you would be pining for fall something fierce. I'd rather have indecisiveness as Arizona is decidedly hot.

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