This is a drawing of a box elder beetle. We get a lot of these beetles in the house. They don’t bite and they don’t get into our food or anything. They just walk around, looking for decaying plant matter to eat. It’s sort of like having a bunch of little pets that you don’t have to take care of. They do occasionally fly around inside (which makes my two-year-old point and say “Whoa! Bug!”), but they really don’t bother us.

This life, however, is apparently not always fulfilling enough. And so, at about 10:00 last night, one of these little critters decided to climb up into a halogen floor lamp and take his own life. The immediate result of this, aside from the poor thing’s demise, was that we wondered if our house was on fire. Let me tell you, the smell of frying insects is probably something to avoid whenever possible.


Jar said…
In Nauvoo this summer, we went to see a show outdoors at night. There were big spotlights up on poles burning at about 200 degrees, and hundreds of moths. That smelled lovely...
Jen said…
stupid moths. serves them right.

stinky burning bug smell. I'm not sure i've ever smelled that before, and i've smelled a lot of smells. that's a fun/gross bug story. unique, you might say.

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