Hello, Ween

I love Halloween. I love that it doesn’t have the cutesy feeling of other holidays. I love dressing up. I love that nobody talks about “the true spirit of Halloween.” I love that you don’t have to give and receive presents and cards, which eliminates a lot of stress. You don’t have to feel guilty if you just have a good time, or even if you do nothing at all. It’s just a holiday that’s there to be enjoyed. So go forth and find the Great Pumpkin!


Jen said…
I agree. It's just a silly good time. You dress up and eat lots of candy. I used to make a "yard of terror" and make people with old shirts and newspaper. I'd have them be "stuffed" into the ground. one time i had an old headstone (why? no idea) and made arms coming out of the ground in front of it. awesome.
Jar said…
and yet, like everything else we cherish, the holiday is under attack..
Brooke said…
Joel, your costume rocked on. Kudos.

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