"...was everybody dancing on the casket?"

I was thinking about what sort of epitaph I might like on my tombstone (hey, but you never know). I think it would be fun to put something a little silly on it, like “Dig here to find out whose grave this is” or “I'm with stupid-->”

But let’s be honest. No matter what kind of fun things you might want done at your funeral or what you want on your tombstone, your family will just override your wishes anyway. I suppose you could make their inheritance contingent on fulfilling your wishes. “To my brother Bill I bequeath $10,000, if he sings “O Danny Boy” at the funeral, in Pig Latin, while drinking a glass of pickle brine.

“And to my sister Suzie, I leave my house, if she can recite the entire periodic table while jumping on a pogo stick.”

As long as you leave out the obligatory “Mwa ha ha ha!” in the will, it could still be a solemn occasion.


Jar said…
Holy crap! That is the best will ever!

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