North of the Border

The other day I saw a flock of birds apparently flying east for the winter. This could mean any number of things. Maybe the leading bird was a bird politician and was telling the others that they were going south. Or maybe they were just on their way to pick up the last member of their group before migrating. "Get up, Leroy, or we're leaving without you!"

Another possibility is that the earth’s magnetic pole is reversing. Apparently this happens on the average about every 250,000 years, and some scientists think that it will happen soon. If so, that could mess with animals’ sense of directions. And it will make a good excuse for when men get lost. “Don’t blame me! I was just going by the earth’s magnetic field!”


Jar said…
Turns out you just have no sense of direction.
Jen said…
joel, i was just going to ask if you got enough sleep last night when i saw the label for this post. so, nevermind. :)

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